Record Store Day – 21 April 2012 Purchases

Well I only had one record I dearly wanted to get hold of and that was to keep my Simple Minds collection up to date. So on Friday I telephoned various shops around the area within easy driving distance and was surprised a fair few wouldn’t be having the item I most dearly desired. Finally I contacted Spun Out located in Northampton who informed me they had a few copies to sell tomorrow and the store will open up at aorund 9.30am.

So I set off around 8.30am and arrived in Northampton some 20 minutes later. I headed for Gold Street and wondered where the shop actually was. I did not have to look for long as I saw a small queue of about 20 people or so, I marched down and joined it. There I exchanged friendly banter with fellow vinyl junkies waiting patiently. The chap in front of me was after the Fame Singles box set. Behind me the person was here for his brother, who lived in Ireland, to buy a copy of the David Bowie 7″ picture disc.

By 9.30am the queue was quite long and then gradually people started to file in Spun Out. The shop was clearly not built to take the awaiting horde of people but everyone was polite, patient and civil. I immediately had in my hands a copy of ‘Theme For Great Cities / I Travel‘ 12″ remix. Both people I had chatted to also had in their possession their required items. I had also managed to pick up for some friends of mine all the copies of the records they asked for, though they’ll be shocked at the prices.The staff were very friendly with the owner on hand to give people advice of where a certain record was or if it was already sold out. It was evident that the racks were soon visibly being left bare. I was speechless at the price of the my said purchase but had sold an item the day before to fund it. Gone are the days of a 99p single or even £5.00 but if you’re a collector you would buy them regardless.

So within an hour I was back home and had my prize spinning around on my turntable. The only disappointing thing was that the mixes were a bit of a let down. ‘I Travel’ had been remixed by the original producer John Leckie, whom I had just recently met in person. Whilst ‘Theme For Great Cities‘ was something I was probably expecting alot more of as it was mixed by Moby. Sadly my aspirations were left well short. Whereas my friends whom I bought items for were extremely happy with their purchases.I now will be looking forward to next year’s Record Store Day and hopefully there will be even more input by the major labels. Though I do wish they would press up more copies and reduce the prices. But then again they have a captive market now as one customer who was ahead of me spent over £200 for his small pile of vinyl. So thank you Spun Out I had completely forgot they had laid on some entertainment later on. I hope it all went well and that they will be here still next year.

About Stevo Music Man

Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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