Review : Get Back Colquitt – Green Door EP

Today I was presented with the new 4 track ‘Green Door‘ EP released on 23 April 2012 by Get Back Colquitt. They are a band I’ve mentioned before as you may remember I labelled them as ‘Liverpool’s Answer To Coldplay‘. Since then they released the pleasing single ‘Losing My Youth‘ that showed they were gradually acquiring a more matured attitude towards their workmanship.

Golden Endeavours‘ kicks off the proceedings with an intro for some reason that reminds me of those quaint Victorian music boxes. Then there is a rush to speed up things leading crisply into Shaun Dunbabin’s crystal clear vocals. The hook though is the chorus line which is just crying out for an audience to sing it back to them. Throughout soaring guitars are enthralling you until the dream sequence finally curtails the song. Originally this track had a working title of ‘Hovis‘, which I rather liked. I wonder if the famous loaf has had someone pay homage to it before?

Next we get the feedback of bass-man Daniel Davidson’s instrument opening the second instalment, ‘Hats Off To Heights‘.  This song is based on a tight fusion of the rhythm section. The track benefits from its slow middle section that is then superseded by the rat-a-tat lead guitar of Daniel Rimmer. ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes‘ follows up neatly afterwards and like the previous song it brings back memories of the band The Skids. I’m pretty sure if Stuart Adamson was still with us today he would take it as a compliment. “Lets Go…Lets Go…Lets Go” demands Shaun – pure punk pop!

The EP ends with what I can best describe as ‘Madame (Won’t You Stay)‘s big brother, ‘Top Of It’s Class‘. The whole song is held majestically together by the phenomenal drumming of Matthew Murphy who keeps up the pressure on the other lads to deliver such a worthy performance as this. The lyrics sound out ‘What difference does it make?’ Well in their case alot indeed and now with the right production the band are moving forward at pace. It is now just a matter of when rather than if the rest of Britain will be sporting a Get Back Colquitt White T-shirt!  I do.

The Lighter Side Of The Band:

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