#ibelieve – Leicester City Can Win

Today is arguably one of Leicester City’s biggest games in recent times, a quarter-final FA Cup match away to premiership Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The odds for us to win are very slim but the great thing about football is it is so unpredictable. I know this very well as my weekly predictions for a fantasy football league I compete in are not exactly making headline news but you just can never quite tell!I wasn’t able to get one of the 6,000+ tickets even though I am a season ticket holder, they sold out within one hour from when they went on sale. Not to worry at least it’s on ESPN today at 2.05pm but it’s not the same. This was a better allocation unlike the last round when Norwich City only gave us a mere 2,500 tickets instead of 4,500. It reduced when the local police advised them of possible crowd trouble. Strange when you think we took almost 9,000 fans to our fierce local rivals Nottingham Forest in an earlier round without any real incidents of note.

Why do I believe we can do it, well there is no pressure on Nigel’s men. Chelsea are expected to win, end of. But we have our vocal twelfth man today our supporter. If you watch the game you will definitely hear our support start singing the new anthem which reverberates around the KP stadium with scarves twirled in the air. It is a sight to seen and heard. I do believe that this will lift the players. Also the Kings Road men have just probably played their most important game earlier in the week to progress in the Champions League. So now for them to play us will now be undoubtably a bit of an anti-climax for Chelsea today.

So even though I won’t be there myself I will be willing them on to achieve the impossible. What adds to this game was a previous infamous match fifteen years ago in the same competition. I did attend this one who was then managed by Martin O’Neill. It was a replay away to Chelsea after the initial game was drawn 1-1 at Filbert Street. Extra time nearing its conclusion after a tightly fought match. What happened next was the worst piece of diving (cheating) I have ever witnessed at a game. Erland Johnsen’s name is etched in many a City’s fans mind. He runs into our penalty area followed closely by Matt Elliot and Spencer Prior. All of a sudden he falls to the ground, the whistle is blown and a penalty is given by Mike Reed.

What ensued was chaos on the pitch with players losing temper, the penalty was scored! Trouble outside as that was the only goal of the match. Martin O’Neill was in trouble with the football authorities. TV playbacks show from every angle there was no contact. Mike Reed was also in trouble with his own peers. Revenge is still to be achieved, hopefully today’s the day for it.

The Fans:That Penalty:

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1 Response to #ibelieve – Leicester City Can Win

  1. Well I believed but seems Chelsea today were just too good for us. Hopefully we can keep our heads up and look forward to Blackpool away midweek.

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