Hidden Gems : The Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain

Continuing this very popular viewed series of Hidden Gems (tracks which should have been hits). I’ll present you a track via YouTube, Daily Motion, Soundcloud or another site. These posts are for the music only.

Curiously this band The Blue Nile didn’t have a hit with this song which was taken from their debut album ‘A Walk Across The Rooftops‘. This band’s name means to me excellence in every way and is probably why that Linn formed an audiophile label to release their songs. You may not have heard of them before but I’m sure you heard Rod Stewart’s pale imitation of one their classic songs ‘Downtown Lights‘. If you thought Kate Bush wasn’t very prolific then consider that this band have only released four albums in thirty years. Paul Buchanan’s almost lethargic vocals set to subtle synth based tunes are best described as ‘stirred but never shaken’ in their delivery. A great band to name drop and with such beautiful songs as ‘Stay‘, ‘Lets Go Out Tonight‘, ‘Headlights On The Parade‘ and ‘I Would Never‘. Their second album ‘Hats‘ did though break the Top 20 UK chart but we’ve not had anything new since ‘High‘ was released in 2004. So it’s about time for another album please. They did do a tour for the ‘Peace At Last‘ record which I lucky enough to see them perform at the Warwick Arts Centre. If you’re a fan of Blue Nile and you thought you had everything by them then think again and check out Jerry Burns debut album.

So should this have been a hit or a miss?

Promo Video:Live Performance:Bonus: Stay (Remix)

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3 Responses to Hidden Gems : The Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain

  1. Mike says:

    A F**king absolute classic track. The production is mindbending…genius

  2. Have to agree – production on their records has been second to none – probably why it’s so long between records – but well worth the wait each time

  3. allovus says:

    a moment ~ fleeting,, an almost discography

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