Review : Mind Of Max – Waiting On The Outside EP

I have already introduced you to the world of Max Weiner who is a multi talented person who comes from Stamford, Connecticut, USA. Well he’s finally released an EP well worth grabbing your attention. If you grew up listening to the melancholic tones of the likes of Simon and Garfunkel then this maybe just up your street or alley so to speak. New Folk music at it’s finest.

The EP consists of four different tracks a couple of which I had heard the early demos. So it was good to see these final cuts being finely tuned. Opening this set is ‘Where I Will Lie‘ which displays his acoustic guitar and recorder (yes the instrument we were all encouraged to learn at school) prowess. It is a very slow lyrical song in which he delivers a very personal message hence it’s sombre mood throughout. In stark contrast the title track ‘Waiting On The Outside‘ is a much more upbeat rhythmic track. Max’s great use of multi-tracking his voice creates a warmth that certainly relaxes your mind.

Hanging On Clouds‘ is surely a long-lost song from the 60’s as it’s short, sweet that could easily have been tagged onto the soundtrack of the Mrs. Robinson film. The sparseness and naivety of the chords is what makes it work so well. What you get with this collection is a feeling you’re reaching the songwriters’ inner thoughts. This is displayed notably with the concluding piece of music ‘Before I Met You‘. If you ever had a relationship with someone who meant so much to you then you are sure to connect to this. Before you know it twenty minutes have just sailed past you under the safe command of Mind of Max at the helm. Surreal Sounds 9/10.

I recently introduced Mike Scott of The Waterboys to this young man’s talents and got the thumbs up. Buy it now! To hear further music by Max Weiner check his Soundcloud page.

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