The Left Banke & The Monkees – Esctasy And Despair

What a twenty fours it’s been firstly I came across the news that one of favourite bands from the sixties have not only re-emerged but are planning a new album too. You may not be aware of The Left Banke, but I am sure you’ve heard their single ‘Walk Away Renee‘ covered beautifully by The Four Tops. They were one of great American baroque bands that appeared releasing a host of brilliant singles like ‘Pretty Ballerina‘, ‘Desiree‘ and ‘Myrah‘. A good starting point to hearing them is the reissued compilation album ‘There’s Gonna Be A Storm – The Complete Recordings 1966 – 1969‘.

Looking on their website I noticed that they’re playing some US concerts. Next thing I contacted them and was told they’d love to come play to their UK fans but they need to do a tour. Support for this needs to be drummed up so to speak by getting a promoter on board. I am sure fans like Jason Pierce (lead singer of Spiritualized) would love to see them play here too. Being as I remember selling him the vinyl version of the aforementioned album back in the early 80’s. So come on help get this nine piece band over here before it’s too late ….This brings me to the second piece news that Manchester born Davy Jones who was in the first TV manufactured band The Monkees had suddenly died. He suffered a massive heart attack aged 66 and sadly I never did get to seem them play live. When they toured here back in the 80’s I was gallivanting it around Europe inter-railing. He was first on our screens in Coronation Street but most people will remember his cheeky face holding a tambourine and sitting on a bed in a street!

But the band outgrew the TV show and amassed a wonderful body of work with my personal favourites that included ‘Shades Of Grey‘, ‘Listen To The Band‘ and anthemic ‘I’m A Believer‘. He was always portrayed as the squeaky clean guy but he could certainly sing very well. They were America’s response to The Beatles capturing the hearts of their countries teenagers. For a few years they actually matched the Liverpudlian’s success and even now you can still find their TV series on syndication. I do feel they were never really given the credit they did deserve mainly due to how they came about. Everyone has their time and Davy certainly did.

RIP – Davy Jones (30 December 1945 – 29 February 2012)

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2 Responses to The Left Banke & The Monkees – Esctasy And Despair

  1. I stand corrected Karl Baker, you’re absolutely right Baroque not psychedelic! It’s been amended sorry about that but I get too enfused when writing and often forget to proof read everything. The important thing is spreading the word that the UK wants them to tour here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now now, names categories, labels, etc. what does it matter? After our first album they called us Baroque. After our second album they called us Psychedelic because of all the sound effects and electronic segue’s between the songs, which was initiated by the producer Paul Leka. Just think of it as Fredric Chopin and Timothy Leary sharing a joint.

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