John Peel – Record Collection To Go Online

Everyone knows that the late ‘great’ John Peel commanded one of the most sort after collections around is to go online very soon. Anyone who wanted to get on in the music business would send him a copy of their demo’s etc. So basically it’s the most important archived holy grail for music in the United Kingdom and even the world.

The online museum will gradually upload the whole collection, something I think will be a real tall order knowing that it contains over 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and countless CD’s. Still it will keep some people in a job for quite a while uploading all this onto The Space. That is where it will reside a project funded by the BBC and The Arts Council. It has the blessing of his wife Sheila Ravenscroft, who’s the patron of the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.

It also states as well as the music being made available so will some of his personal notes that’s been accumulated over the years. There will also be interactions with many of the musicians that were helped by the man. It’s still in its infancy so more details will be made available as time passes. A good point was highlighted by my friend Charles, who streams old Peel shows on his Pates Tapes website; “if you don’t have the man rambling between tracks it doesn’t work“. That is so very true as what made his show so unique was the fact he often made mistakes or just went off on one. He would often remark of his love of a good curry newly found at a restaurant or Liverpool FC (even if you didn’t support them too) was just as riveting.

At the end of the day I will be far more interested in hearing all those long-lost demos sent to Peel Acres over so many years. I hope load them up first as these will be something new to most people’s ears. More on this when I can update this subject. More news and information on this can found on the BBC website.

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