Review : Endeci – Winter Here

I played this album several times over the weekend on first play it sort of washed over me, maybe I was too tired. But I stuck with it and I’m glad I did as it certainly unlocked some real gems within this ‘FREE’ album download. This three-piece band Endeci hail from the Liverpool region which is yet another nod to Dave Monks ‘Introducing’ radio show who tipped me off about them. Their musical roots are most definitely there to heard.

The album’s opening number is ‘Angela’s Ghost‘ which strikes you with its eerie vocal rendition. This then blends into the upbeat ‘Valley Of The Dolls‘ that seems to take an age to start but with a change in key it suddenly comes alive. There are no fancy effects throughout this record as such, relying on the bands musical craftsmanship. ‘Province‘ in my mind is the real pearl within this collection a well written and excellently executed song. I assume that they’re fans of Arcade Fire’s album ‘Neon Fire’ and who shouldn’t be really?

What you get with ‘Wildfire‘ is a much sparser affair led by again the acoustic guitar and has some subtle breaks to change the pace and feel of the song. By contrast the rockier under two-minute ‘The Burning Cradle‘ harks back to a bygone age this time very reminiscent of the They Might Be Giants. ‘The Emperor Of Ice Cream‘ calms and creates a more peaceful ambience again, that aptly states “..time keeps moving on“.

I can not decide whether if ‘This Is High Art‘ is a lame track or actually a brilliant DIY punk anthem.  This because it does resemble those late 70’s US bands which created such a cool scene in and around New York City. It has loads of balls with added harmonies so to speak. One thing you can be certain of is that Endeci always change direction with each song. It maybe they’re looking for the right formula or are undecided on an identity of their own yet? Why do I say this? Well ‘Home‘ is a much longer song that has also been handled more tenderly. It also has great vocals in the same vein of those of Billy Corgan.

It all comes to a close with ‘And We Can Go Back To A Place We Know‘, which rounds off this album superbly. It just does what is says really, they go back to an acoustic sound which seems to be their comfort zone. Liverpool was once a port that many ships departed to cross the big pond it seems if this bands allegiance are also focused westwood. You as a punter have nothing to lose by downloading this album. 8/10, So what are you waiting for?

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