Review : Andrew Judah – Albino Black Bear

Canadian singer songwriter’s album ‘Albino Black Bear‘ is a seven track affair and there’s not a duff track amongst them. It seems Andrew Judah just about played every instrument on this recording and there was a few used too. It opens up with the catchy ‘Lie Cheat Steal‘ which has a great drum roll throughout the encounter. Towards the end I almost get the feeling he is paying homage to The Beatles track ‘A Day In The Life‘, which can not be a bad choice in my books frankly.

Friend‘ is counted in and then canters along with some vigor, a real foot tapper this time. Bonzo Dog Band I am sure would be proud to have recorded this back in the day. Whilst ‘Dog‘ uses Andrew’s echoing voice to great effect. Whereas the acoustic tones make this very easy on the ear and every sound is particularly crystal clear. The country inspired steel guitar serenades us on ‘As Good As‘ which would go down very well in Nashville. ‘Solitude‘ continues this folky come country theme again with the acoustic guitar being flexed well. Every now and then you hear the harmonic backing vocals drift to the forefront. This song builds up with introduction of various instruments throughout.

Purge‘ on the other hand is a different kettle of fish and has a real sixties slant aka The Left Banke in the way we are delivered the vocals all rolling along with a ‘Hofbrauhaus’ beat. This certainly ticked all the right boxes with me. It all ends with the ‘Piano Song‘ which could be classed as an instrumental dominated by the instrument with some feedback spread over the top. The good thing about this is that you can listen to it before buy it so what can I say then! 9/10 wants to make you play it over and over again.

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  1. Update: Andrew is involved in a REMIX project take a look – Click Here

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