Seatwave – Legal Touting Shop & Booking Fees

I just found this story on the net which certainly appalls deeply. I have never liked the ‘ticket tout’ which used to be just a dodgy guy walking outside the venue spouting out “I’ll buy or sell any spare tickets”. They’d buy them off you for a derisory figure and sell them for an inflated profit. I can’t remember not going to a gig and not seeing these characters. In fact you start to recognise them after a while at the same venues. My favourite memory of ticket touts was outside Wembley Arena stuck with loads of unsold tickets just as the main artist took to the stage – their faces priceless!

Now the company Seatwave which is a website who sell tickets for fans whom allegedly couldn’t go to the gig. Strange then that they are on this website only hours after the tickets actually went on sale to the public. Just confirming my theory that again they are just ticket touts selling the top shows at wildly overpriced figures? But this particular company has gone even further they’re to open a shop near the O2 Arena in London!

It’s bad enough that we get charged booking fees and transaction fees by the legitimate ticket outlets which is another thing which bugs me greatly. Even more so since some tickets you buy you have to print them yourself after purchasing them online. This means the vendor does absolutely nothing for its fee. You pay out for your time, electricity and printer ink for the privilege.

Back in 2010 I actually emailed and complained to Ticketmaster’s TicketFast about this and here’s their response: “To Whom it May Concern, Thank you for your email.  Like any method of delivery used by TicketWeb, we charge a one-off processing fee for delivery by email too.  This processing fee covers the cost to fulfill your ticket request when you purchase the tickets online or by phone.  This includes the installation and maintenance of the system, staffing and product and software development, as well as installing the barcode scanners at the venues multiple access points. TicketFast is often more convenient for customers, as you get your tickets right away with no box office collection lines or mail delivery to wait for.  You can print them at your convenience and forward them to others attending the event so they can print their own tickets. In accordance with the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) by whom we are regulated, a TicketWeb agent or our internet sales site will always clearly identify the face value and any additional convenience or handling charge before proceeding with the transaction. This carefully scripted information is to ensure the customer knows how the total price is constructed consequently and gives them a choice to continue or decline. I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your booking experience and I can assure you that your feedback is valuable to us.” Customer Care and Complaints Advisor | Ticketmaster.

Basically that was just waffle and the whole ticketing procedure needs to be addressed by government. It must be sorted out as the only losers are the real fans of the relevant artists. I know people say it’s a trait of man right back to the beginning of time, but is that an excuse for it now? No! There should be a cap on the re-sale price of no more than 10% and sites like e-bay should police it better too. I’ve not linked any of the places mentioned on this blog as I don’t wish to contribute to such activities.

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6 Responses to Seatwave – Legal Touting Shop & Booking Fees

  1. Paul says:

    Spot on with your comments Steve, but you missed the fact that some of the actual ticket prices are over priced, its getting to be that the working man cant afford the se prices.

  2. Boris says:

    This article is actually slightly misleading and only represents one side of the coin.

    The ONLY reason for ticket touts to have a success on sites like Viagogo etc is that their are enough stupid people to buy the tickets when they’re 4 times the face value. You know “OMG Take That are going on tour, OMG there aren’t any tickets, OMG I MUST get them immediately even if I have to pay really more …” – that thing!

    Well – NO!, you don’t have to get the tickets straight away. Wait a bit, check prices again, use the little thing called your brain and you’ll see how prices will drop down quite a bit closer to the event – especially after touts realize they aren’t selling!

    Simple, however you’ll be surpised how many people simply don’t do it!

    If one wants to be fair, than this article should also mention that tickets are sold for prices way beyond the face value on second ticketing websites when it’s closer to the event – and that’s a very big number of tickets as well!

    • Note : I googled Boris and found he works for SEATWAVE.

      So I published his response still to show how they try and turn things around.
      Plus he’s less than complimentary to their customers.

      Facts: Just watch the programme on Channel 4 Dispatches – what Boris says is in-correct

      Yes people do pay over the odds – but they wouldn’t have to if the tickets went to the customers first and not to touts and these re-sale sites.

      • Paul Bennett says:

        Clear something up for me, second ticketing websites, aren’t these like legitamet agent sites that double the price of tickets, where as e-bay is just a loop hole for touts to exploit.

  3. Second ticket sites are sometimes sites run by touts, bogus sites (don’t have any tickets but have your money) and as you say sites which sell tickets on behalf of the venue or promoter which adds their selling price. A very grey area indeed. They buy aload of tickets from opening sale and resale on own site later on at a big profit

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