Music Licence Scrapped For Small Venues

A bill is now going through Parliament which has a big effect on pubs and small clubs up and down the country. It’s all good news for once too. The basics are that no licence is no longer needed between 8am to 11pm for unamplified (unplugged in other words) or amplified (with speakers) to an audience below 200 people. This will be a plus for most places around the country and hopefully spur on more places to put on music. Remember back in the 60’s every town had a few small venues where bands could play including the likes of The Stones, The Who and The Kinks.

With the closure of many famous names of late including The Charlotte in Leicester this has to be a step in the right direction. My stance is give music to the people and allow such venues be the tributaries to feeding the bigger venues. Every band needs to start somewhere and learn their trade playing live. It can be a bit mundane if you see the same band at the same venue again and again. Whereas with more places having live music with the change in the law maybe more people will get to see more bands locally again.

I’d be interested in what musicians think of this and how it will affect them. I can guarantee the answer will be from some they’ll still get paid the same and only the venue will gain in revenue. But the point is if more places start having music again it can only be for the better. For more on this have a read of this on the BBC website and lets hope it gets passed very soon too.

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2 Responses to Music Licence Scrapped For Small Venues

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was under the impression live music licences exist so that PRS royalties can be collected for songwriters. Having said that, I’ve ever played in a small venue that followed the PRS guidelines and kept PRS forms for artists to complete.

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