Preview : The Jam – Made In Britain

BBC 6 Music, as you may have gathered is a station which I listen alot to as I love their Live Music Hour, broadcasted at the ungodly time of 4am (UK time). This station also airs documentaries about artists or different types of music which are also scheduled during the night. Don’t worry you can use the radio download software (no virus) and then you will never need to miss any BBC show again.

This documentary is about one of the most successful bands of the post punk era – The Jam. Fronted by the Mod father Paul Weller, who’s had a very successful solo career. Whereas Rick Butler and Bruce Foxton didn’t exactly set fire to the music world after they split up at the end of 1982. Hailing from suburban Woking in Surrey they were to dominate the UK music scene for the next five-years. This was when it was difficult to release a single and go straight in at Number One, which they did with the ‘Going Underground / Dreams Of Children‘ double ‘A’ side back in 1980.

They released a succession of catchy tunes which they based on their heroes like The Kinks, The Beatles and Motown legends. But sadly all good things come to an end and Paul went off to form The Style Council with Merton Parkas‘ keyboard player Mick Talbot. This four episode series is presented by Jonathan Ross entitled Made In Britain starts on Tuesday 17 January at Midnight. It states all three original members contribute to the show as does musician Noel Gallagher and Phil Jupitus.

I can always remember buying the first issue of Smash Hits purely as it had the lyrics to ‘Down In The Tube Station At Midnight‘ a single which I bought from Harrods (paid alot more than in a normal record shop) just to get one of their bags. Still it was in a picture cover which was quite limited at the time. Another funny story about the band was the release of the album ‘Sound Affects‘ when you had to wait for the new release deliveries every Monday by courier. On this particular day we were informed they wouldn’t arrive until around 4pm (very late). By the time we had the records (and some cassettes) on sale we had quite a big queue waiting for them. An elderly woman was in the queue and simply asked “Can I have a copy too being as it seems to very popular, so it must be a good record”. I half expected to see her next day returning it but she never did come back with it so she must have been ‘a groovy granny’.

The band have left a great legacy of singles including ‘Strange Town‘, ‘Eton Rifles‘, ‘When You’re Young‘ and ‘Beat Surrender‘ their final 45 release. But on top of that you can add many B-side’s and album tracks just as worthy. In fact my favourite tracks by them are both flip sides ‘The Butterfly Collector‘ and ‘Smithers Jones‘. So I implore you to either stay up late, use the i-Player or the software I mentioned before to catch this show.

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