Corby – Growing Pains Of A Town

Having originally moved to the town in 1970 and again returning again in 2007, I’ve always regarded it as my home town. A place where people didn’t speak behind your back but quite openly told you to your face, which I much preferred. It forever will be linked with the UK  steel industry (closure back in 1981), mentioned in the Doomsday Book, massive Scottish heritage (biggest Highland Gathering outside of Scotland) and located in the mostly rural county of Northamptonshire.

Corby of late has been revamped and is expanding faster than any other town in the United Kingdom, with alot of new enterprises coming to the town. Recently we have had a train station re-open, the town centre is starting to be rebuilt. Also the Tresham College new campus, The Cube and International Swimming Pool complex have recently been completed.

I was informed of this remarkable documentary on Corby recently but sadly most of the older faces in the film are now no longer with us.  Some I can just remember their faces and others just their names only. It’s a fascinating insight to our town’s heritage. It is often ridiculed outside the town by people who only see the bad but they also forget it’s there on their own doorstep! Today Corby now has an infamous MP in Louise Mensch who’s using the town as a springboard to elevate her own career by lending her name to any topical subject in the limelight. Remember she was once in the Labour party during the 90’s too!

Hopefully more such programmes will turn up on the net, like the complete series on ‘Kingswood A Comprehensive School‘ which I attended myself many moons ago. The school has itself only recently been totally rebuilt with state of the art facilities.

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2 Responses to Corby – Growing Pains Of A Town

  1. Stevo Music Man says:

    The Daily Telegraph placed Corby the UK’s top property hot spot to read – click here

  2. Kate Saunders says:

    Hi that was great. I lived in Corby from 1965 to 1979. Went to Kingswood Comp and then left town.

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