Review : Blood Brothers – Curve Theatre, Leicester

I’d been told not to book anything for 19 November 2011 as my partner had booked something for me. I only found out the day before where we were going, the Curve theatre in Leicester. I’d never heard of it before so googled it and saw that we were to attend the ‘Blood Brothers‘ show. We found the venue with no problem situated in the centre of the city on Rutland Street. May I just say what an excellent place it is to see a live show as it’s a state of the art auditorium building.

The show written by Willy Russell who based it in his home town of Liverpool using the famous scouse humour and pen some great lyrics to great effect. The main character Mrs. Johnstone was played by Nikki Evans (a former X Factor contestant) who can’t stop having kids but can’t make ends meet. Finally she get’s a job cleaning for the Jones’ childless couple. Pregnant with twins and no way to keep them all fed, Mrs. Jones persuades Mrs. Johnstone to let her keep one as her own. It was their secret the brothers split up from birth. Eddie was now living aware with his well to do family whilst the other twin Mickey stayed with his poor mother, brother and sisters.

So as not to spoil too much of the story it is basically about the separated twins meetings during their short-lived inter-woven lives. They swear an oath on their first meeting to be blood brothers. The moral of this wonderful musical is loyalty and trust which is tested many times throughout the saga. Accomplished actor Craig Price manages to keep the musical moving along nicely in the role of the narrator linking up all the scenes. If I could find a fault it was that I wished his microphone was turned up a bit more as at times the music sometimes was overpowering.

From the moment we’d sat down to watch the show than no sooner we were off our seats standing up applauding the cast for delivering a marvellous performance. So tonight I’d been very lucky to have seen a show which matched the venues splendour. 9/10 – riveting.

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