Review : The Waterboys – Later With Jools Holland

Mike Scott has never followed fashion, he’s an untamed spirit, in such a positive way. Never afraid to try something new which can be seen in the constant changes of direction by the band over the years. The latest album ‘An Appointment With Mr. Yeats‘ is an album which uses the verses of the poet William Yeats to Mike’s music score. It’s not an album which will produce a Top 40 single, but it will certainly open up people’s minds to these spheres of work by both artists.

These are probably the most earthly recordings ever made by The Waterboys, who performed three tracks live on the latest edition of Later With Jools Holland. These being ‘Sweet Dancer‘, ‘Mad As The Mist And The Snow’ (available below) and ‘A Full Moon In March‘. With Coldplay also in the studio they gave a good account of themselves. This bodes well for next year’s tour of the British Isles which is selling very well on the back the album.

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6 Responses to Review : The Waterboys – Later With Jools Holland

  1. thereviewer says:

    Listening to Mad As The Mist And Snow reminds me of The Pogues and Bellowhead fused. Admittedly and shamefully, before last week’s Jules I had not heard much of their material. I caught one on Jules and thought it was bland/average but on second listen + that video, my mind has been changed. I’ll go and buy a best of disc if they have one? Any particular album you would recommend?

    Their Wikipedia page contains more past members than some phone books!

    • Stevo Music Man says:

      ‘This Is The Sea’ (2 CD edition), ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ (2 CD edtion) to start with but my fave is the second album ‘A Pagan Place’. Also for a harder sound try ‘Dream Harder’.

      • thereviewer says:

        Cheers, I got a Best of ’81-90 album in the end for a snap at £4. (One of HMV’s rare good offers). It’s got all the hits and best songs from the mentioned albums above (TITS, F.Blues, A Pagan Place). Looks like a good intro to their Big Music. Might have to get their latest Appointment with Mr Yeats if I’m that impressed.

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