Review Re-Hashed: Wild Swans – Bush Hall 10/06/11

Last night, I finally got my chance to once again immerse myself into the music of the Wild Swans. The Bush Hall from the outside just around the corner from QPR’s ground looked anything but imaginative. The saying things look better on the inside was so true, this hall surely dated from Victorian times with chandeliers and crazy mirror bedecked around the room. The support tonight were three women in the name of Stealing Sheep which reminded me of Cocteau Twins meets The Hearthrobs, well worth googling them might I add.

Finally Paul and the lads appeared on the stage to what looked an almost full room, with an international sprinkling of Philippine fans (the band are very big over there) along with ‘the press’ to boot. Straight into the opening song of the new album ‘Falling To Bits’ as if it was call to arms of the audience. Sadly Steve Beswick (who attended tonight’s show) was too ill to play on the tour but his shoes were filled admirably by Stuart at short notice. The new tracks stood up well to the older material like ‘God Forbid’ and a rocking ‘Tangerine Temple’, full marks to Mr Mooney’s guitar playing on that.

English Electric Lightning’ seemed even better live with the rhythm section pounding a tireless beat conducted by Les’ bass. Have to say the new track ‘Bluebell Wood’ was stunning, with great input by Richard Turvey there. Song checks included ‘Bringing Home The Ashes’, ‘Archangels’ and of course no show would be complete without the legendary ‘Revolutionary Spirit’.

You can’t not mention Ricky on guitar and table (he takes it everywhere), the guy was still buzzing around the room an hour after the show. In all it was worth trudging down the smoke to see a night of wonders. Sadly all things come to an end and Marie, my fiancée and I slipped back into the rain strewn roads of West London before heading back up north.

Originally posted by me on the Wild Swans Web Site. Videos from this this gig – Click Here

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