Live Review : The Horrors – Rock City Nottingham 26/10/11

Well on a rain-sodden night in Nottingham we arrived just after 8pm due to heavy traffic. On getting to Rock City I tried to sell my spare ticket as Marie wasn’t able to attend. Within minutes someone said that The Horrors were already on! This meant we’d completely missed the support act Toy. So I raced into the venue, which still looks basically the same as it did 30 years ago when it first opened. The first gig I saw here was Hazel O’Connor back in 1981 in those days this also included an indie disco after the show and the bar stayed open till 2am.

It seems many people were also caught out by the early start to the show as quite a few people followed us through the main room doors. The change of venue seemed justified as the place was packed, originally the concert was to be at the Rescue Rooms next door. Dry ice flowed over the stage which was reminiscent of seeing a classic Bauhaus performance. The band played a varied set which was dominated by the current album ‘Skying‘.  The audience seemed to wake up and began jumping around madly when ‘I Can See Through You‘ erupted from the banks of speakers. Whereas the sublime ‘Still Life‘ stood head and shoulders above everything else played. It was quite an anthemic end to the main set.

Faris Badwan had lost his voice and cancelled two shows last week. So with this in mind they may have shortened the main set and extended the encores. This would give him a chance to continue at the same level, but that’s just me speculating. Other highlights were ‘Moving Further Away‘ and ‘Sea Within A Sea‘ both of which were played triumphantly creating a cacophony of sound. The latter reminded me of Echo And The Bunnymen’s live working of ‘Over The Wall‘. On the face of it, it would seem that this Southend band have taken in and undertood the heritage associated with this grand venue.

The only criticism for me was that the vocals were sometimes too low in the mix, but saying that it did seem to add to some of the songs.  Sadly it had just gone 10pm and we were back outside with the varied audience all scurrying for shelter as quick as possible.

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2 Responses to Live Review : The Horrors – Rock City Nottingham 26/10/11

  1. thereviewer says:

    I’ll link this in to my recent coverage of The Horrors. Great review! Surprised they came on so early, I’ve never been to Rock City only the Arena but it sounds like my kind of venue… I saw Echo & The Bunnymen actually a few weeks back. Dry ice filled the room also, have a look here

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