Mark Shreeve – A Musician With A Keyboard Or An Assassin!

Recently I loaded on my USB stick in my car the album by Mark Shreeve called ‘Assassin‘. This brings back great memories of Saturday afternoon’s when I managed a record shop during the 80’s in Rugby. I would bet people I’d could sell every copy we had in stock by the time I’d played the title track (see live video below). Usually we’d order in 5 or 6 vinyl copies of the album and most week’s I’d won the bet!

In fact the independent record label rep, Roger, commented on how our small shop had sold more copies than all his other shops put together in his area he serviced – The Midlands. We even got a thank you letter from Uniton Records for our sterling work in selling over 100 copies from one small shop.The album was later re-released by the newly formed Jive Electro label (part of the Zomba Group).

The main reason I picked up on it was because it reminded me of the music from the John Carpenter film ‘Assault on Precinct 13‘, the superb original version. The music score incidentally for the film was also written by Mr Carpenter. But Mark’s interpretation was much more slicker, even out doing Tangerine Dream at their own game; who at the time also were big with film studio’s to have their music in the latest films.

He did release an excellent second album for Jive Electro called ‘Legion’, a powerful piece of electronic pop, a little more commercial than his previous outings. The title track was released as a single; DJ remixes were made, showing the rise of electro dance music at the time. It also contained the track ‘Flagg‘ with a chilling vocal whisper at the beginning which sounded like it should be in a Grimm’s Fairy Tale!

Mark later formed a band called ‘RedShift‘, who have released quite a few albums, but sadly he’s never surpassed ‘Assassin‘ and ‘Legion‘ era of output. You maybe able to track down his early works, but they’re now very collectible in electronic circles.  The Jive Electro material was licensed out to Centaur Discs who released them on Compact Disc.

Assassin (Live In Derby 1994)

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4 Responses to Mark Shreeve – A Musician With A Keyboard Or An Assassin!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mark formed the group called “Redshift“.
    The Redshreeve is a name of unofficial website for this project.

  2. Paul says:

    Flagg is actually a musical homage to the Stephen King novel The Stand, Flagg being the character of evil that appeared in that, and other stories, “don’t go running thru the fields hell turn your heart to stone”, the dream sequence from the DVD.

  3. Graham Thomas says:

    It’s Redshift not Redshreeve, which is an excellent fan site by the way. Great article, and do check out Arc with Mark and Ian Boddy who have released many superb CDs.

    Thank you.

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