Einaudi – Vorsprung Durch Technik (That Will Do Nicely)

Today I wanted to tell you how I came to be inspired by the music of Ludovico Einaudi, modern-day classical composer. It’s was purely by chance that I discovered him. I was flying with my kids to Florida back in 2007, but couldn’t sleep so I popped on a headset for the in-flight pipped music. Flicking through the channels I came across a Classic FM show (which was on a loop). I thought this will help me doze off, which it was doing successfully until a piece of music forced my eyes open wide.It reminded me alittle of a piece of music composed for the Lord of The Rings trilogy of films ‘The Two Towers‘ segment.

Later I was to find out this was in fact ‘Divenire‘ (see video below), the title track of his then current album. Just my luck they never mentioned any details about the track. Damn I thought, so I kept the music on just to make sure. True enough when the song came around again; they hadn’t given any information. Well that was that I thought! But hey-ho on a whim when I returned to the UK, I emailed the customer services of the airline asking if they could possibly help me.

A few days later, in my inbox was a message from the airline providing me with the artist, title of song, the album it was from and even the catalogue number. Now that’s what I call real customer service. Within a few minutes the album was ordered online, a few days later it was being blasted out of my Mission speakers! A month later I had Einaudi’s complete works in my vast collection.

Since then I have continued to collect his works including the just as impressive ‘Nightbook‘ album which yielded a UK tour. This gave me a chance to see him perform live at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in October 2009, under the banner of ‘An Evening with Einaudi‘. Since then I have had many such evening’s with his music (via CD) whilst I read the latest Raymond E. Feist book.

Divenire – The song that hooked me to his works!

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