White Noise – Ahead Of Their Time?

Still one of the strangest albums I own, yet it still captivates me completely – the debut album by White NoiseAn Electric Storm‘. Yes they did subsequent albums but none of them ever matched it. Island Records released it back in the 60’s but it somehow didn’t really fit in the era. David Vorhaus, Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson were the key band members who played around with sounds and electronic synthesisers long before the German invasion known as Krautrock!

Whenever I hear this album it evokes images of the films like ‘The Forbidden Planet‘ (Robbie The Robot) or the chilling ‘Don’t Look Now‘ (starring Donald Sutherland) for some reason; of course depending on which track I’m playing at the time. In fact the title track was actually used by the Hammer House of Horror’s studio film ‘Dracula AD 1972‘. It’s not recommended playing this album alone or if either you’re under the influence of drink or there’s a torrential thunder-storm outside.

For me the standout tracks are ‘Freebird‘ (which easily could have been a single) or ‘Your Hidden Dreams‘, where it seems Jazz meets lounge music meets BBC Radioshop (Delia worked for them and infact helped write the Dr Who theme) all mashed up. The album also includes songs about fleas and an orgy. Whereas ‘The Visitation‘ (video is below) is based on a car crash and death; my personal favourite track. This album is once played never forgotten, just ask my kids – Have a listen now!

The Visitation (11.13 mins long)

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