Kate Bush – In Overdrive Maybe?

Even these days its still big news if Kate Bush releases an album usually one every five to ten years in reality. So 2011 was a big shock for her fans and the music world in general this is because she’s about to release a second album within twelve months; it’s almost unheard of! Actually if she appears even in public it hits the music headlines.

The first album admittedly was a re-working of the previous three albums ‘Directors Cut‘ and to be honest it has more lows than highs. I always think if it’s not broke don’t fix it, same usually can be said of going back to re-record older songs. But it highlighted Ms Bush in the media again and now with the forthcoming new album puts her higher on the interest table. A tour would be good but won’t happen that would shock us all!

Just out is ‘Wild Man‘ the first single from the forthcoming album ‘50 Words For Snow ‘ released on 21 October 2011. It takes some of the laid back feel to her previous studio album ‘Aerial‘ and mixing some of the techniques used in the re-works album. People either love her work or hate it, I have to say this first track has really grown on me after a few plays … go on then leave your comments…

Kate Bush – Wild Man (Still Video)

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