The Horrors – An Antonym Itself

Just watched the latest installment of the Jools Holland BBC TV series ‘Later‘, with headliners Noah & The Whale and Peter Gabriel with a 50 piece orchestra perform. The show was hijacked in my opinion by the very atmospheric Southend band The Horrors, with the extended version of the show giving us two offerings by the lads. Why on earth it is shown at such a stupid time of 23:55 on a Friday night?

The first was the catchy ‘I Can See Through You‘ and the second track being ‘Still Life‘ (extended show only – also viewable below). This was the lead single from the current third album ‘Skying‘, which so far is my favourite album of 2011. To me it is very reminiscent of early Simple Minds 81-83 European sound era. In fact on the show singer Faris Badwan was wearing red leather jacket which funnily enough so did Jim Kerr in the aforementioned period of time.

I can’t wait to see them live for the first time in Nottingham at the legendary Rock City (though originally the gig was to be at the Rescue Rooms) on Thursday 26 October. The band have gradually gained a big following with each album charting higher than the previous release.  So if you only buy one album this Halloween let it by The Horrors, they are hauntingly exciting to listen too.

The Horrors – Still Life (taken from Later …)

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2 Responses to The Horrors – An Antonym Itself

  1. thereviewer says:

    I’ve only just really hit on this outfit since neglecting them for losing their Death At The Chapel thread. I’m prepared to make a U-turn on my opinion though. For me the show was all about Lana but The Horrors did catch my attention. I Can See Through You definitely catchy.

  2. thereviewer says:

    this is the one you want to be subscribing to my fellow! Keep up the ramblings squire, like it.

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