Get Back Colquitt – Liverpool’s Answer To Coldplay?

I’ve been listening to a fair bit of radio of late being as I’ve been driving alot more than usual. So to help pass the time I’ve loaded my USB media stick with cool shows like Dave Monk’s ‘Introducing‘ highlighting the latest Mersey beat.

On one podcast the show opened with the track ‘Madame (Won’t You Stay?)’, by Get Back Colquitt (a name I might add I spelt wrong a fair few times when trying to google them). But this track stopped me in my tracks, if you can when driving a car so to speak! Especially when the piano kicked in near the end, reminiscent of Coldplay, I thought. Thankfully Dave had them again on his show a few weeks later for an interview and an acoustic session. The four piece band played again the aforementioned track and also the equally superb debut single ‘Collateral‘. After hearing this I then realised I’ve heard possibly the next big thing! They seemed that good with great tunes and riffs and not full of themselves. In fact since then I’ve learnt they’re very approachable, up for the music and keen to learn.

If you don’t believe me then have a listen to the track below (you can download it by clicking on the downward arrow on the right), more are available from Soundcloud or their Facebook page. They are gigging alot in the next few weeks, so why not check them out live yourself. No I’m not their manager, but If I was I’d be a rich man soon I’d guess.

Audio Track ‘Madame (Won’t You Stay?)’.

Their debut single and video – ‘Collateral’.

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3 Responses to Get Back Colquitt – Liverpool’s Answer To Coldplay?

  1. Stevo Music Man says:

    Dave Monks radio show on 16/10/11 opened with another Get Back Colquitt track ‘If You Could’ – catch it on the I-player or check out the radio download software on my site – (for more information)

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