Art By Max – Waiting On The Outside For Your Attention

The beauty of the internet is that you can always find a gem under a pile of stones, I’ve been lucky and found a whole seam of them. My path this time was lit by another artist I have a lot of respect for Phildel, who introduced me to the sound and vision of Art ByMax.

The video displays some of his artwork, but the real glory here is the music, reminiscent of the halcyon days of Simon & Garfunkel. You may feel that’s a tall order but he fills their boots admirably. Given the time and encouraged by a receptive producer I’m sure he could one day fill the finest music halls around the globe. Having scouted his videos on YouTube I think I’ve selected the creme de la creme so far in his ever-increasing catalogue.

He’s got the merchandise, the songs disguise the fact he’s still only 19 and his art would sit easily on any student’s T-shirt. For some reason I always think of the long ceased children’s TV show title for Rainbow which meets Woodstock.

Have a listen, then listen again as I did for each time I hear an extra layer within the music. He definitely has a mindful of ideas pouring out in what is simply termed as Art By Max.

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Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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